Our Mission

Living in Liberty restores dignity, freedom, and a new life to victims of commercial sexual exploitation by creating a safe, secure, loving, and nurturing community where healing occurs and a new life begins.


https://vita.com.bo/zolpidem-online-usa Living in Liberty (LIL) was founded on February 2, 2012, by Elizabeth Echevarria out of a desire to serve women exiting a life of sex trafficking that began when a missionary from India visited her church. Realizing she would not be moving her family and husband to India, she learned it was just as prevalent here in the US. She attended ministry school and realized women's services were needed here in Pittsburgh. She proceeded to purchase a home, and Living in Liberty was created.


Our Growing Impact

  • In 2018, Living in Liberty’s Awareness and Prevention Team made 44 presentations during the fiscal year, tripling the number of people who are now educated about sex trafficking.
  • Living in Liberty’s outreach team opened a Care Center in 2016 in the Strip District.
  • The Homewood Care Center continues to provide weekly care during the fiscal year. A total of 55 women in 2018 from the Homewood community received some or all of the services provided.
  • In 2018, 400 hygiene bags were distributed to women and others on the streets who were in need.

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