Street Outreach

In Street Outreach our teams connect with women on the streets who are being exploited or who are at risk of exploitation. We reach out to women experiencing homelessness, poverty and addiction. We have no other agenda than to share an expression of God’s love. We are currently in Homewood, Wilkinsburg, Northside and Butler with hopes of expanding.


When we are on outreach we are looking to connect and build relationships with the women and girls that we encounter. We invite these women to our Joy’s Space care centers.

At our care centers we provide a warm meal, a hot shower, laundry services, hygiene products, clean clothes and other basic necessities. We welcome them to the center and get to know them by talking with them. We do not pressure them into changing their lifestyle, but rather offer a nonjudgmental space where they can experience a loving community. Once we build this relationship of trust and the women agree they are ready to take steps toward stability and hope we connect them with the resources that they need. We come alongside those who are leaving the sex industry and provide aftercare for as long as needed.

https://www.goedkoopvliegen.nl/uncategorized/nkge39ma Joy’s Space is an online platform of Living in Liberty reaching out to women who are being exploited. Women are invited to direct message us for support on both Instagram and Facebook. Joy’s Space operates care centers where women can drop in. We can meet some immediate needs, but most importantly we provide a space where they belong and can receive emotional support.


We help women who are at risk as well as women who are in the sex industry. We are willing to walk alongside those accessing resources as this can be very challenging. We recognize that everyone is different and we try to meet women where they are and support them through their journey. We listen.

Visit joysspace.org or call 724-571-5101 for more information!

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