Street Outreach

In Street Outreach, our teams take to the streets with the mission of connecting with prostituted women and sharing God’s love with them. We are currently in six areas of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Homewood, North Side, McKeesport, Butler, New Kensington, and Strip District) but are always expanding.

When we are on outreach, we are looking to connect and build relationships with the women and girls we encounter. Depending on the immediate needs of the individual, we will start by offering them a sandwich and water bottle or a coat or hygiene products. Perhaps she simply wants a prayer from our team or is just looking for people to show they care.

We invite these women to our Women’s Care center in which we provide a warm meal, a hot shower, laundry service, hygiene products, clean clothes, and other basic necessities. This is an opportunity for us to continue to build a relationship with the women we encounter. We welcome them to the center and get to know them by talking with them. We do not pressure them into changing their lifestyle, but rather we shower them in love and acceptance. Once we have built this relationship of trust and the women agree they are ready to take the next step in leaving the life of prostitution, we connect them with the resources they need.
Map of Living in Liberty

At our first Women’s Care Center, which is located in Homewood, we have on average 35 women who visit on a weekly basis. Since then, we have expanded our areas of outreach to North Side, Mckeesport, North Side, New Kensington, and Butler. As our team continues to grow and we receive more resources to help in our mission, we hope to expand our outreach to even more areas in Southwestern PA so that we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of these women.