We are grateful for the support we receive, and cannot complete our mission without our dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, we have many different ways you can help.

Our volunteer application is for anyone interested in helping out, whether it be one-time volunteering or a larger commitment. We can always use help with occasional projects and ongoing services in our Repurposed stores, safe home, outreach, and awareness & prevention programs. Take a look at our volunteer application below.

Words from our volunteers

  • The volunteers here have so much compassion for these women that it is truly inspiring.

From Repurposed

  • My time is not wasted. It is a great cause. You work hard but feel good about it. It is my happy place.
  • 3 years ago I came and loved the Christian music. My ladies church group was looking for a service project as I as researching it was good for me. I believe in the cause. Now the ladies group come monthly during the school year.
  • It is like family. When I come it feels good The people are why I love it.
  • It is great cause we can volunteer where we want. When we leave we have a sense of accomplishment.
  • I learned how human trafficking is in our back yard not just the big cities.
  • My church group came on compassion day. We loved the mission, flexible volunteer hours, and the other volunteers are great.
  • I love the mission, love friends here at the store. That is why I keep coming back.

From Our Safe Home

  • It has been refreshing to know that she is able to confess her struggles with the constraints of the program in a healthy manner and receive grace to help in a time of need.
  • In terms of breakthrough, I have always been impressed with the openness demonstrated and willingness to not only share her story but desire to know mine.
  • I would say that my time working with the girls has definitely impressed upon me how very broken we all are and so much in need of Jesus.

From Outreach

  • It has been an honor serving Living in Liberty in more ways than one, through the leaders and through "our girls". I'll never forget the experience of building relationships with the precious women of the Northside Care Center. I didn't matter if the women were regular visitors, "drop-in's" or one timers. We all shared laughter and tears, hardships and comfort, victories and defeats. Visitors were always blessed with a lovingly prepared meal. Whether it was eating together, doing crafts, coloring pictures, styling hair or picking out clothes in was done with love. I was Spiritually moved by our guests and inspired by our leaders. Prayer was abundant before and after hours, while walking the streets and with each other. When I moved away, one of my deepest regrets was leaving this ministry. The amount of passion to serve the Lord's daughters is the heart of Living in Liberty.
  • It (Living in Liberty) has given me the awareness of the problem we have and how human trafficking is everywhere, has helped me educate my kids of what to look after and be careful about, and most importantly, to get to know these women and see them grow.