Safe Home

Buy Cheapest Ambien Online The safe home is a loving, nurturing community where women exiting commercial sexual exploitation may reside as they transition into a new life of independence and freedom. It is a five phase program where they are supported in creating a new life for themselves and are encouraged to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Typically, women stay in the house between a year to a year and a half. During that time in the Liberty Home, their basic needs of clothing, food, and shelter are provided. In the first phase, the women begin by rebuilding their identity. They get their identification and see health and dental professionals. Two very important aspects of their stay in the home are receiving counseling services in order to address the traumas of their past life and being able to maintain their sobriety with the support of various addiction recovery groups. After these initial needs are met, we work with the women in what we call the “dreaming phase”. We help the women figure out what they would like to do. We ask them about their dreams and aspirations for their future. Maybe they want to go back to school and get a GED or pursue some other type of training. It is important to us that we focus on the desires of each individual and help them decide what they want to do. However, often times it can be challenging and limiting for the women because of their criminal records. We look for ways to overcome this obstacle and stand with the recovering women, encouraging them to be all that God created them to be.

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In the next phase, the “resourcing phase” the women undergo job skills and life skills training. In this phase, the women learn how they can make their dreams a reality. In the final phase, the women prepare to leave the home and start their life of independence and freedom. They plan where to live and how they will support themselves. After all of their hard work, these women are finally able to go out and pursue their dreams.

Qualifications for Safe Home Residency

  • Living in Liberty accepts women who are over the age of 18 for residence in our safe home
  • We are dedicated to providing clients services without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin
  • Potential residents must:
    • Be able to live with a group of women
    • Be in a stable physical condition
    • Be drug free (in the event of drug addiction, the individual must complete a detoxification program before admission)
    • Have a strong desire to leave prostitution

    Interested in joining our team? Read about our volunteer application and ways you can help make a positive impact for these women here!

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